Rogue ‘Anti Virus’ Software

A window pops up on the screen saying that the computer is infected. This looks like a genuine anti-virus program. The program then pretends it is scanning for viruses and says there are x number of infections on the computer. Once the user clicks on ‘Remove these infections’ they are prompted to purchase the full version of the program, usually for around £60. Several customers told me they entered their credit card details as they think it’s worth it to get rid of the virus. Naturally, the program doesn’t actually remove the virus because the program IS the virus.

If you’re lucky you would only be charged the £60. More likely you have just given your credit card details to a criminal organisation who would then attempt to empty your bank account, and probably store your details in the hope of stealing your identity.

I advised the victims of the scam (just the ones who entered their card details) to cancel these cards with their bank immediately.

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