The Call from ‘Microsoft’

I need your bank account details!

I need your bank account details!

This is a very common scam. You receive a call off somebody claiming to be Microsoft. They say they have detected a virus on your computer and ask you to follow instructions to enable them to access your computer to clean the infection from your computer.
Needless to say, they’re not really from Microsoft. Once they have access they will proceed to plant nasties on your computer, most likely with the aim to get hold of your credit card or bank details.
One customer paid £140 for this ‘repair’. Bizarrely the caller spent about 30 mins attempting to repair her wireless printer connection (and failed), and they also deleted a few shortcuts. Odd.
Another customer gave the caller access to her laptop and her 2 daughters’ laptops.

If you get a call saying you’ve got a virus on your computer, THEY’RE LYING – no ifs, no buts.

As an addendum to this scam I was at a customer’s house repairing an infected laptop when they received the same call. I asked to speak to the caller as I’ve always wanted to speak to them, partly out of curiosity, mainly for mischief.  The guy on the other end gave me his introduction, when I interrupted and explained that I was an IT engineer and I knew the call was a scam he continued with his script! I asked him if he was aware it is a scam and he assured me it wasn’t and carried on!!!

This, and the fact that they actually attempt to repair a computer, makes me think that the people making these calls don’t realise that what they’re doing is a scam.

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