Print Your Own Gun

3D printing is slowly but surely becoming more commonplace.
These printers take a 3D design, ‘slice’ it into very thin layers, and then these layers are then
printed on top of one another using a special printer.
There are a few different methods but one involves the printer laying down a sheet of powder in a
pattern corresponding to the ‘slice’ being printed. This powder is then heated to harden it, then the
next layer is printed on top of that. Repeat a few hundred times until the object is printed.

What’s the point?
Designers can create single items without having to create tooling or moulds which would be expensive
and time consuming. Designs can then be tweaked meaning the design & development life cycle timescale
is significantly reduced.
You can send prototypes across the world in the time it takes to print, rather than having to rely on couriers.
Impress your friends with it (if you’re very rich and your friends are easily impressed)

This bit is pretty mind blowing, for me at least. Some of these 3D printers are designed to be able to recreate themselves by printing parts to be constructed! Come on, it’s not just me that finds that impressive.

3D printing hit the news headlines recently – the actual news, not geek news.

Like most technology those pesky bad guys have got involved and realised they can use these printers to create guns. A Texas based company have created a design for this and these designs are readily available online. Legislation has been introduced but, obviously, that’s probably not going to be too effective.

A gun you can print yourself, virtually undetectable by metal detectors

A gun you can print yourself, virtually undetectable by metal detectors

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