Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi – holographic TV

Holographic TV3d TV? Pah!  I laugh in the face of such primitive devices.

As we all know (geek or not) from Sci Fi films, the future is all about holographic TV.  What you may not know is that holographic TV may not be that far away.  In fact, it has been around for years.  And like all good technology battles (Betamax vs VHS being the perennial example), different companies have different approaches.

  • Provision 3d media is developing HoloVision holographic TV displays by reinventing the actual light source which produces the image.
  • Those good old boffins at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed an incredibly cheap method of firing different coloured beams of light through a crystal
  • HP take a slightly different approach and project a 3d image away from a flat screen

I have no idea how all this is achieved.  I could copy & paste the technology bits but it’s really not very interesting.  However, I do know that the technology exists and it is just development time & money that is the limiting factor so we’re now looking at a few years rather than decades until holographic TV is here.  One Japanese company is planning on broadcasting the 2022 World Cup using holographic technology!

There are various applications for this technology – early adopters will be able to produce eye catching displays within shops.  Scientific researchers and the medical community will have various obvious uses for it, computer games will take on a whole new dimension, as will TV & films.

I suspect, however, that the success of holographic technology won’t be down to reproducing life like images of the human body to enable doctors to study a patient’s organs in depth in order to perform life saving surgery.  No, I suspect the success will be down more to the market which boosted the internet in the 90s – porn.

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