Apple Hacked

Apple LogoApple’s Developer Center has been accessed by hackers. The developer center, which is used by registered Apple application creators to create apps for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac computers, was down for 3 days with no information forthcoming from Apple. They eventually released a statement that certain personal information, namely names & email addresses appear to have been accessed. More personal information, bank account details, passwords, etc, are believed to be safe.
Apple took the Developer Center offline as soon as they discovered the breach, however, many users have been receiving password reset emails suggesting that the hackers are trying various methods to gain access to the developers’ accounts. Although Apple haven’t released details on how many accounts have been affected there are over 300,000 registered developers which means there could be larger security issues.
Apple have moved quickly to assure customers that app store customers are unaffected and their details are securely encrypted.

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