Facebook Security Tip….

Enable Secure (https) Browsing

- Why?
Without it, 3rd parties (organised crime syndicates etc) who have the correct (easily available tools) can take a look at whatever data you send to Facebook.

- So?
This information can contain details such as your username and password. Once they have this, they have access to all kinds of your personal details to help them access your bank accounts and aid identity theft (yes, I know I keep banging on about it but it’s a rapidly growing crime, particularly amongst terrorist organisations). The ‘s’ part of the ‘https’ means secure – it encrypts all the information so only Facebook can see it.

- OH NO, how do I enable secure browsing?
Click on the cog symbol at the top right of your Facebook page then click on Account Settings
Click on Security in the list at the top left, click Edit on the Secure Browsing line. Ensure the box is ticked, Save

- Wow Home PC Guy, you’re the best!
Why thank you, my imaginary friend.

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