Antivirus Software – Which Should I Use

Anti Virus SoftwareHow do I know what Internet Security/Antivirus software to use?
Internet security software suffers from the same problem as many consumer items; there are plenty of review sites but they often disagree. On top of that, some are free. Which one should you go for?

“Which Computing magazine says Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best ones, and it’s free!”
Which did indeed say that. In the same month PC Pro magazine used the whole of their front page to warn “WINDOWS SECURITY ISN’T WORKING”. Although I rate Which highly for many things, when it comes to reviewing computer items my faith in PC Pro is stronger. So I would recommend you don’t rely on Microsoft Security Essentials.

“Should I pay for Antivirus software?”
I do. However, I wouldn’t tell you not to use AVG. All I would tell you is not to PAY for AVG or Avira, as they will naturally tempt you to do. They’re the best free versions available but if you’re paying for software there are better products.

“The guy at PC World told me I should buy [whichever] Antivirus software”
The guy at PC World is a salesman, not a techie. PC World will sell whatever they make the most money from.

“So which Antivirus should I go for”
Personally, I started using Kaspersky Antivirus a few years ago and stuck with it for several years. Unfortunately the latest incarnation, although very good at defending against infections, just slows my laptop down too much and I’ve had too many issues with it. I will be changing to BitDefender Antivirus shortly. The main strength of BitDefender is its performance where it matters – blocking nasties from doing damage to your computer without slowing it down significantly.
BitDefender has won awards from several computer magazines who are best placed to test these things in depth.

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