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Antivirus Software – Which Should I Use

How do I know what Internet Security/Antivirus software to use? Internet security software suffers from the same problem as many consumer items; there are plenty of review sites but they often disagree. On top of that, some are free. Which

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Most Commonly Used Passwords

  With cyber criminals becoming smarter and cyber attacks and identity theft rapidly becoming more and more common the message to use secure passwords must be sinking in…. Well at least the first in the list has a capital letter

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The Password Masterclass

First off, you may be thinking “if someone tries to hack my password will my account not be locked out after a few attempts?” This is a valid question, but the answer is no. Without going into the exact technicalities

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Why Long Passwords?

Warning – this blog has a high geek rating. But maths geeks may also enjoy. Let’s say you have a password consisting of a single digit number, e.g. 1 The maximum number of attempts it would take to crack it

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Compare the Meerkat and volunteer your personal details to criminals

Yes, we all agree Alexander the meerkat is funny and cute. But to retrieve a previous quote you only need to enter your email address, surname and date of birth – NO PASSWORD REQUIRED. It’s easy enough for any crime

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Facebook Quick Tip

Consider what information you put on Facebook – info such as mother’s maiden name, primary school, favourite uncle etc is often used for security questions to reset forgotten passwords. So I would recommend not listing family members for a start.

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Facebook Security Tip….

Enable Secure (https) Browsing – Why? Without it, 3rd parties (organised crime syndicates etc) who have the correct (easily available tools) can take a look at whatever data you send to Facebook. – So? This information can contain details such

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