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Cute Pic of The Day

Newborn Puppy

Cute pic of the day Okay, so these aren’t really computer related but they are cute…

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Antivirus Software – Which Should I Use

How do I know what Internet Security/Antivirus software to use? Internet security software suffers from the same problem as many consumer items; there are plenty of review sites but they often disagree. On top of that, some are free. Which

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Most Commonly Used Passwords

  With cyber criminals becoming smarter and cyber attacks and identity theft rapidly becoming more and more common the message to use secure passwords must be sinking in…. Well at least the first in the list has a capital letter

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How much is a gigabyte?

Eiffel Tower

You’ll hear adverts talking about 500 ‘gigs’ of storage (for example). 500 gigabytes is the equivalent of 30 stacks of paper full of text, piled as high as the Eiffel Tower.

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